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Men who have sex with men are by far the group most at risk from HIV in New Zealand.  In fact, men who have sex with men make up around 2.5% of the New Zealand population, but account for 79% of new HIV diagnoses between 2003-2007.  On average, 1 in 22 gay and bisexual men nationwide have HIV.  Not all of them will be aware of their HIV status.

It’s important to remember that anal sex without a condom is the highest risk sexual act for HIV.  Most gay or bisexual men living with HIV in New Zealand contracted the virus through Unprotected anal sex. This doesn’t mean that if you like to fuck you have to stop. It means that to avoid HIV infection you need to use a condom and water- or silicone-based Lube for anal sex.


Gay couple laughing

More to think about

  • Anal sex is roughly 5 times riskier for HIV tranmission than vaginal sex
  • If you're sexually active, your sexual partners may not be aware they have HIV
  • If a sexual partner was recently infected, they will also be highly Infectious to you and others if Condoms aren't used during anal sex
  • Among gay or bisexual men, undiagnosed HIV infection appears to be higher among men aged over 30 and particularly those living in Auckland


    What this means for you

    If you're a man who has sex with men then your sexual partners are more likely to have HIV than the sexual partners of heterosexual men and women in New Zealand.


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