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How did you lose your virginity?

Dark & Dirty

Post by Anonymous on 01 March 2010

Growing up in Invercargill, the options are limited. All I knew is that I wanted cock but had little idea where to find it and didn’t really like myself for it either. It wasn’t until I was 20 and still well and truly hungry for it that I overheard a conversation about untoward activities taking place at specific public toilets after dark. I’m sure I would have come across graffiti on toilet walls earlier than that but I guess I hadn’t related to it, which makes sense as it has never appealed since either. However I never imagined that you could actually identify when other guys would be around looking for cock too.

After hearing about the existence of these toilets that were known to serve an altogether different purpose after dark, I found myself driving past them at night to see what was going on. A few weeks later I parked up and started staking out these areas on foot. I found that nothing much ever really seemed to be happening. However it was only a matter of time before the inevitable would happen, and it did.

Around 10pm, one crisp dewy night I was hanging around the toilets in the park away from the road. I was puffing steam, gazing at the stars and trying to make use of some quiet time to reflect on the day. Of course, I was also eager for action. Eventually a sole hoodie-wearing silhouette emerged from the darkness about fifty metres from me, noticed me, lingered, moved, looked at me, waited some more and finally took another glance over his shoulder before disappearing into the blackened public toilet. I gingerly followed, skirting the picnic table.

My heart beating so hard I could feel the blood pumping around my ear drums, such was the finality of my decision to follow. Just inside the entrance way I met my man leaning against the wall. I edged close enough to him to realise he was older than his hoodie suggested, perhaps late 30s. Next thing I was kneeling in front of him with his cock in my mouth and moments later I blew over the shins of his trousers. He had noticed my nervousness or perhaps it was my novice abilities, but he offered that I didn’t need to continue after I shot-off. Relieved, I took his polite offer, took off and never looked back.