The perfect fit

Penises come in different shapes and sizes – and so do Condoms.  There’s 1.5cm difference between the widest and narrowest condom and some can be over 4cm longer!  Are you and your partner using the right size?  Too small and a condom is uncomfortable.  Too big and it can slip off.  The aim is to find the perfect fit!  It’s a good idea to experiment with different brands and types to find the one that fits you best.  The packet usually gives measurements and an indication of the relative size of the Condoms inside.  For guys that tend to lose their erection when putting a condom on or find them uncomfortable, try wearing one when masturbating so you get used to the way it feels.


Lube Up

For anal and vaginal sex, Condoms need to be used with Lube to reduce friction and prevent the condom from breaking – but most importantly it makes the experience more pleasurable for both partners. For more information about Lube click here


Topless guy opening a condon

Quality control

  • If travelling abroad take your own Condoms and Lube as it might be hard to find the ones you like and they may not be of good quality
  • Condoms last about 5 years inside their wrappers
  • Check the ‘best before’ date on the wrapper - after this date it’s more likely to break (although any condom is better than none)
  • Heat, sunlight, damp and getting crushed all weaken Condoms so try not to store them in the sun, near warm objects, in the glove box over summer, or in your wallet for extended periods.


    Why still Condoms?

    We know that when used properly, Condoms do stop HIV.  They also significantly reduce the Transmission of STIs like Chlamydia and gonorrhea and even help to reduce the risk of STIs like Genital Warts, herpes and Syphilis.  In New Zealand we have always promoted the use of Condoms and Lube to prevent HIV and reduce the risk of getting an STI which is why we have one of the lowest rates of HIV in the Western World.


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