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How did you lose your virginity?

My brother’s friend

Post by Anonymous on 01 March 2010

I am a 17 year old girl, i am attractive and get a lot of attention from the boys at my high school. I was always raised to wait till marriage but for sum reason the news that my favourite actress Jamie Lynn Spears, who is a year younger then me, is having sex with a older guy made me feel like it wasn’t that wrong. So about 4 days ago the opportunity arose for me to lose it and i took it.

I always thought my brothers friend Matt was always very cute, he is 26. My family had a big dinner party thing and Matt and my brother were there. I shot Matt a few looks at the dinner table and i think it made him uncomfortable, which was funny. At the end of dinner my brother got a call from his girlfriend and said he had to go over to her house to help her with sumin, he asked Matt if he wanted to come but he said he would stay and wait for him to get back (he was spending the night in our guest room) I went upstairs to listen to music, after a while i went into the bathroom that is connected to me and my brothers room, Matt was in there and i made him jump. He was cutting out a line of sum kind of drug. He tried to hide it but i said i would like to try it. i snorted a line of it and next thing i know we were making out. Then he picked me up and put me on the counter and we started having sex, it hurt at first but whatever it was really helped with the pain. He was very gentle until the end when i could tell he was all messed up humping me hard. He said he likes it rough and he started to choke me a little but he stopped when i asked him to, he very nicely asked if he could slap me in the face, i said yes, as soon as he did he came. All together it was a very good first time experience, he text messaged me and said he would like for me to come over to his apartment, he said he has all kind of toys and stuff we could use. im not sure if i am going to.