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How did you lose your virginity?

My first time was worse than the 2nd time

Post by Auckland gurl on 20 March 2010

on wednesdays we have late starts at skool. i was 15 and going around with the guy for a few weeks and i had felt he was a very horny guy, always touching and caressing. sometimes i felt uncomfortable but to me and having a boyfriend, this was the next step. i was very naive. well it went like this, we were downstairs kissing cuddling and wat couples do. next thing i knew i was under the cover and he pulled up my skirt. i told him to stop but he wouldnt listen and he was very heavy and i admit i did like the guy. boy did it hurt like hell, he told me to relax and it wouldnt hurt so much.

my friends were upstairs raiding his cupboards as they do every wednesday mornings. after a while of him as he put “making love to me ” i felt it tighten as he came, he lay there on top of me for a while before rolling over, i knew wat had happened was a mistake. i ran to the bathroom and tried to clean myself up. still sore from wat he did to me. i found myself thinking, is sex always going to be like this?? i was scared that my mother would find out. she never did. anyways walking to school holding his hand and looking at him with his smile on his face, i wanted to cry. i didnt want my first time to be like that but i couldnt take it back. whats done is done.

when we got to school i had gone to the office to ask for a pad because i had spot and i had bled. he asked me later on coz one of my friends said i was in the office getting a pad. he asked me did you bleed?? i didnt answer… that was that. i never did it again with him… and that was my first time. i hope my kids one day know that no is no… i wish i could take it back

the next time i had sex was 3 years later with my partner at the time and when i did with him.. it felt like magic. that 2nd time should of felt like the first time. i loved it and i claim that to be my very first time. the way he was with me, gentle kind and my second time having sex to me was my first time to experience sex coz as far as im concerned the first time and losing my virginity wasnt acceptable and i said no so if you didnt know me then i wouldnt have considered it as rape. but no means no…

so guys and gurls if your partner says no. dont pressure them to continue with it and have respect for your partner to understand them and wait till they are ready to have sex with you.