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How did you lose your virginity?

New Years Adventure

Post by Anonymous on 01 March 2010

On new years night my girlfriend and I had been drinking and partying with mates on the beach, after the count down was over and people started to walk back to their batches, I walked my girlfriend back to her batch for 2am to check in with her mates parents and stay in for the rest of the night.

The night wasn’t over though and my girlfriend snuck out at 3.30am to come over and spend the night with me. I was sleeping in a garage with four other guys on the floor with foam mattresses, most of my mates had far too much to drink and had passed out in bed.

Quietly we jumped into my bed and started to hook up, before long we where doing what we always did with my boxes off and her nickers on, rubbing up against each other. It felt awesome and my girlfriend was getting extremely wet down there. My cock without notice slipped to the side of her nickers and my head slid half way in, WOW — a sudden look of ecstasy in our eyes and my hand covering her mouth to keep the noise down.

With a few more irresistible slow thrusts with the head of my cock we decided we wanted more and with her approval I slipped out and put on a condom that was conveniently sitting in my jeans pocket. We went for it, starting off slow and in pure amazement of how it felt, we quickly built up speed. Thrusting in and out, I kept a watchful eye on my mates sleeping next to us. Building quickly to a climax after what felt like 10minutes or so, I started to cum looking directly into my girlfriends eyes, the release was mind blowing.

After a good 15minutes of her in my arms, both stunned at what we just felt, we started kissing again and before you knew it, round 2 was on!