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How did you lose your virginity?

Proof in the pudding!

Post by Anonymous on 25 March 2010

This story goes back a few years, I had just turned 18. I grew up in a different world to this new embrace what you are accepting, loving everyone society that Auckland has these days. I come from a different country and a very tough gritty city. So I had to hide what I was for most of my life, from the age of 16 to maybe 26 my friends would ask me why I didn’t have a girlfriend as I was very attractive. I never thought I was that hot but I always found it weird so called straight friends telling me I was hot or a pretty boy.

Anyway back to the story I guess to prove myself I picked up this girl at a club we all went to when I was at Uni. She wasn’t that attractive. I had fooled around with girls before when I was younger and still did till about a year ago. I was kind of sick of people from Uni and the football team saying I never picked up girls or that I was this or that.

I took her home and we had sex and fooled around a bit but something was missing. A few weeks later I was walking home with my flatmate and he asked me about it. This flatmate had always seemed clingy and always hung off me. So we ended up behind a factory somehow and he kissed me. I had never kissed a guy before but had thought about it. So I kissed him back and we ended up making out for some time. Then started to undress forgetting we were behind a factory. He pulled out my cock and started to play with it slowly giving me a hand job then he went down on me. This was the first time I had done anything with a guy and I realised what had been missing when I fooled around with the girl. The thing that was missing was what my flatmate had and she didn’t and it was cearly solid now. I started to play with both of our cocks then I went down on him and he was groaning in pleasure. We finished each other off and blew all over the wall.

I ran off confused wondering if I had done the right thing it felt good but would I ever be able to face my demons and accept myself and be accept by others. I spent the next few years dabbling with both sides until I was around 24 when I started experimenting more and more with guys. I packed up and ran away to find myself spend two years in Australia before ending up in Auckland.  This is now home and I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.