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How did you lose your virginity?

quiet ones are the best

Post by owly on 22 March 2010

I met a group of girls in town, aotea square. they were all a bit drunk and loud, except one of them who was keeping to herself. now i read a few books so I was interested cause i know the quiet ones are usually the most fun.

anyway we talked and i slowly drew her out of her shell, we kissed that night and i got her number but that was it. a week later i had a party at my parents house and she came . as soon as she saw me she started kissing me intensely. it was on , i took her into my bedroom and laid on the bed and started kissing her whole body, touching her while she squirmed under me. suddenly her friends bust in and laughed at her. so i took her downstairs into a secret room and put a chair up against the door. then i took my clothes off, as she already had hers off and was rubbing herself.

i went down on her because id read thats what girls like, but she pulled me up and whispered “fuck me “. i put my head in and it felt so good . i was thrusting in and out hard but as i was drunk didnt feel like i was going to come. igot tired after a few minutes and she said she would go down on me . i came straight away and she giggled. I opened the door to see the whole party standing outside with big smiles, but im sure mine was bigger smile