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How did you lose your virginity?

Really? That’s what the fuss is about?

Post by Rob on 21 March 2010

So I’d been chasing a girl at college for two years but she had a jack-ass boyfriend. That said, I wouldn’t do anything with her while she was with him. So about a week after the course finishes she rings me to say she’s ended it and the next day she wants to see me to talk about it. I go pick her up and take her back to mine to ..ahem.. talk and we’re straight upstairs.

We start fooling around but she refuses to take off her top; body-image issues or something (shame though cause she had a helluva body). So before long we’re about to start and she tells me ‘you’re not fully…you know’. Hmm, thanks, that’s gunna help. Maybe it’s coz you literally rushed me through any form of foreplay and this is my first time with the girl I’ve been in love with for 2 years! But nevermind, problem solved now, let’s get started (I’m anxious to see how long I’ll last.

I’ve heard so many things about how good it feels that I doubt it’ll be a marathon) Here goes…but then I’m in… and where’s the sensation? Sure, she’s moaning away like it’s what she expected but I’m feeling nothing. Then on top of that she starts asking ‘have you finished?’ every other thrust. No darling, I’ve not even started.

Eventually she manages to realise that she’s the only one having fun and I’m just conscious of it being midday and both being almost fully clothed under a duvet! I’m sweating my nuts off here and getting nothing from it. And before you think it, it wasn’t her attractiveness, she was hot, a lot of guys thought so. So I climb off her and explain that it just wasn’t what I was led to believe then she says she should go so I take her back…

Then for the rest of the day I’m left wondering whether I just lost my virginity or not. Does it count if neither participant climaxes? I later looked into it and found that there is a lesser known sexual problem called Retarded Ejaculation, basically the opposite of Premature Ejactulation, it means you’re under-stimulated and find it hard to climax from penetrative sex. Oh well, there are worse things to suffer from, at least I don’t have to worry about the time issue any more (unless it starts reaching 2 hours…!)