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How did you lose your virginity?


Post by dirty sam on 23 March 2010

Well I’d been dating this guy for all of two weeks in 9th grade before summer break. I didn’t particularly like the guy but it was one of those situations where ALL my friends kept saying how much he liked me and I should go out with him. I had to admit he did go the extra mile to make sure everything I wanted was taken care of (lunch, walks to class, talks on the phone about the usual high school b.s.) so I caved. Although he wasn’t the hottest thing walking at least he was with the in-crowd and was really into me.

About a month after summer school began we started up dating (we only saw each other at school) and he asked me out. I explained that my mom was super strict and I couldn’t get a free moment besides I didn’t have a car. Well an opportunity presented itself when my mom gave my older sister the car for the night so we could go see Dr. Dolittle. Well my sister had the bright idea to secretly invite her idiot boyfriend and the only way she made it sound like a good idea was to invite and pick up my boyfriend. Well we picked up the boys rode by the theater and of course our showtime had started. My sister wanting to really be alone with her beau and decided they would take a walk in the park and left me and my guy alone in the car…well we listened to slow jamz made out and as they say “one thing led to another” he was up my skirt and my panties were pulled to the side. I was on top (BIG MISTAKE) and although the pain lasted only a little, so did the act.

My sister came banging on the car window telling me to get out of the car. Needless to say no one finished and although the act only lasted at most two minutes, the entire time I’m thinking are you serious THIS is what everyone is raving about?? Afterwards while we’re standing outside the car (my sister and her boyfriend looking on in the distance) he gazes into my eyes and tells me he loves me….are you kidding me????? Dude get real!! So I polietly kissed him and gave him the biggest Lets Avoid This Moment Hug EVER. I didn’t see him again until school started back up. I had to endure a summer full of late nights of less than stellar phone conversations mixed with even longer heavy breathing silence until I could finally dump him the first chance I got. He was crushed and for a while kept begging for another chance (that never came). That was my first and it took me till the day before graduation to do it again - with someone else of course.