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How did you lose your virginity?

Toilet paper

Post by Anonymous on 21 March 2010

Well on the night of my 18th birthday my family and i had organised a big party.

There were so much people there family and friends i was watching everybody drink and dancing then i started getting bored.

I thought to myself well maybe i should have a drink since it’s my birthday so it started one drink every hour then became three drinks every hour then i heard this guy saying to me “hey Girl Come over here” so i walked over and he was the guy i had a crush on at primary school.

We were talking and i had to rush off to say goodbye to some friends then i went back to find him and he was gone.

I went and started dancing and then went to lean up on the fence all i heard was “Those are some nice legs what time do they open” I got all shy and i was like pardon me he said come over to my house so i went next door where he lived and he said here happy birthday and we started kissing and i was so happy we went into his room and then when the pants started coming down i was like do you have condoms he said “yes do you use them” I said “No you do” laughed then while we were getting intimate he says “whats the white stuff in between your legs” I said ” i dont know”

anyway i got really paranoid and went to the toilet and it was toilet paper i freaked out got really embarrased and took off home with no clothes on that was my most embarrassing moment ever.