What’s new on Get it On?

Post by The Sexpert on 14 February 2010

We have installed some brand new features in response to your feedback. The interactive features of the site are now more prominent and there's a brand new juicy section called Spill Your Beans!

The changes you will notice include a brand new main navigation that highlights the content that is most interesting and rapidly changing. All the sexual health information that was across the main navigation before is now find under "Info and Resources". This makes room for Ask a Sexpert which is where all the questions you have asked can be found as well as the new section, Spill Your Beans.

One of the best ways to learn about sex and relationships is from each other. Spill Your Beans is an opportunity to do exactly that. Each month there will be a new question and chance for you to reveal not only the sordid details but also the successes, failures and notes for others so that they can improve their sex lives. 

The message of Get it On remains the same, everybody has a role to play in creating a condom culture, whether it be friends, whānau or colleagues. Support all the gay and bisexual men you know to Get it On! and Get it On! yourself.

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This story goes back a few years, I had just turned 18. I grew up in a different world to this new

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