Lube Up

Using lubricant will stop the condom from breaking as well as make sex much more enjoyable!


Water-based vs oil-based

Using oil-based lubricant (like Vaseline, crisco, moisturiser or baby oil) weakens Condoms in seconds, making them more likely to split. Water- or silicone-based Lube should be used with a condom everytime you have anal or vaginal sex. You can buy this Lube in chemists, supermarkets, sex shops or online. Silicone-based lubricants are fine to use with Condoms and a lot more slippery than water-based lubes. But they are known to sometimes stain bedding and will damage sex Toys also made of silicone.  Using spit as Lube isn’t a good idea. There’s never enough and it quickly dries up, making it more likely a condom will break.


Tips for using Lube

  • Use plenty - Put lots of Lube on the condom-covered penis and in and around the vagina or anus. This means the condom will be less likely to break or come off inside. 
  • Keep Lube on the outside not inside the condom - Avoid Lube getting on the penis before the condom goes on as Lube under the condom makes it more likely to slide off
  • Don't use Lube containing spermicide for anal sex - A spermicide kills sperm and is an added protection against pregnancy. Some spermicides can cause irritation to the inside lining of the arse and make it more likely HIV is passed on. Packaging should say if a product contains it.


    Got any Lube tips or stories?

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