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“My boyfriend says that I must be cheating on him if I want to use condoms all the time, it makes it damn hard always using condoms. I ain't out having sex with other guys but it would be so easy for either of us. I think he's trying to make our relationship fit the str8 mould.”

trying to be safe, 12 September 2009 (Gay, Relationships) Tags: boyfriends - cheating

JGDP, 14 September 2009

how long have you two been together anyway? is the fact that you still want sex from him not enough? the only way to have safe sex is to A) use a condom or B) not have sex at all. im guessing you would go for option A like every other person. dont compromise when it comes to your own health. you cant control wether he will cheat on you or not but you have control of your own health.

sappho, 14 September 2009

what do you mean cheat? speaking of straight models…. why should your having sex (or not) with others, make any difference in terms of your love and commitment to him? that’s not a loving relationship - that’s coercion. if someone really loves you, they will A) respect your body and their own by using condoms; B) respect and allow you to make your own decisions about who you sleep with; and C) respect that you are with them because you love them - not because you don’t have options wink

PLJD, 29 September 2009

dude, using condoms means commitment and love; ask your boy if he wants love & sex or the chance to die. You are awesome and you’r enot only being great to him you’re being great to yourself. Kep it up….  literally lol

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