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“Im was 14 nd at a party, meet dis sexc guy me wer getth reali in2 each otha he askd if i had a condom i did bt didnt want 2 wait 3secs wen he put it on so i had sex wthout it in nw 16, have a beautiful baby girl frm dat nyt who dosent hav a dad and im al on my own my mum dosent even want 2 knw me nd has never seen lilly (my daughter)”

Jess, 29 September 2009 (Hooking up) Tags: -

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“well one time me and some mates went out for a guys night we got really drunk and did P and ended up having gay sex with all 16 of us ONE DIP ONLY BOYS :p”

Joe, 29 September 2009 (Bisexual, Hooking up) Tags: drugs - first time

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“OMG, i was walking down the street after some hot, rough bog-sex, and when i turned around to get another look at the guy, i saw he dropped his card, so i went over to pick it up, but as I was bending over, a fart came out, and as I stood back up, i felt this warm, squishy thing in my pants so i rushed back to the toilets, and to my horror it was the dirty condom! GROSS!!!”

Jesse, 24 September 2009 (Hooking up) Tags: - dirty - - fart

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“Ok so I feel like I should post this cos I reckon other people might be in this situation too. I go to sex venues a fair bit, and I go with maybe 4 or 5 guys each time. A few times I've scored a pretty hot guy and he's said he'll only go with me if he can fuck me bareback. I've always said ok cos he was hot and I really wanted him. I always feel bad afterwards. Anyone else in this situation?”

Marcus, 14 September 2009 (Gay, Hooking up) Tags: -

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: @nikkikaye Happy birthday Nikki! Looking forward to seeing you at the Get it On! Big Gay Out on Sunday!