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“When I have sex I love to be submissive and dominated. When it comes to putting a condom on my partner, I find it hard if they arn't willing to do it because it means I have to take control and that upsets the rhythm and what I'm really enjoying. Any tips from other super-sub guys”

Sub guy, 21 September 2009 (Gay) Tags:

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“Ok so I feel like I should post this cos I reckon other people might be in this situation too. I go to sex venues a fair bit, and I go with maybe 4 or 5 guys each time. A few times I've scored a pretty hot guy and he's said he'll only go with me if he can fuck me bareback. I've always said ok cos he was hot and I really wanted him. I always feel bad afterwards. Anyone else in this situation?”

Marcus, 14 September 2009 (Gay, Hooking up) Tags: -

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“Wanking with a condom is a great way to get used to condoms”

Bob, 12 September 2009 (Gay) Tags:

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“I can be horny as hell and want to fuck my bf all night, but then as soon as the condom comes out and I try to open it and get it on my dick, it has already started going down and then by the time I try to put it in, its too soft for his tight ass! arrrgh lol. That's why i've not used a condom before quite a few times, its too hard (or not as the case may be). Anyone else?”

justwantit, 12 September 2009 (Gay, Condoms / Lube, My Body) Tags:

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“I work on long haul for an airline and love visitng saunas around the world and some of them are amazing like this one in Paris thats got caves going everywhere. But what amazes me most is that over there guys are barebacking complete strangers everywhere. It scares me. We are lucky here that we havnt given up and that condoms work!”

long-haul, 12 September 2009 (Gay, Condoms / Lube) Tags: -

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“My boyfriend says that I must be cheating on him if I want to use condoms all the time, it makes it damn hard always using condoms. I ain't out having sex with other guys but it would be so easy for either of us. I think he's trying to make our relationship fit the str8 mould.”

trying to be safe, 12 September 2009 (Gay, Relationships) Tags: -

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“when you wank if u spit on ur hand and rub it all over ur balls and dick and then spit on your hand ...”

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