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“Featherlite condoms are the best - better a thinner more sensitive condom, than none at all!! Never had a break yet.”

Condom_lover, 12 September 2009 (Condoms / Lube) Tags: thinner condoms

Duncan, 15 September 2009

You are so right ... I’ve been tempted so many times to go bare instead of wearing the standard thicker condoms, now I always carry the featherlite ones on me ... I love them - the sensation is great and I’m no longer tempted to bareback. I feel so much safer wearing the featherlite ones than nothing at all.

Sean84, 16 September 2009

Yeah I think a lot of people think that the HIV virus can get through thinner condoms but I don’t believe that to be correct. If you’re after more sensation, I totally recommend the thinner ones ... it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing one at all. And it’s a million times safer than fucking totally raw.

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How we get it on

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