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“I have a wonderful man for my lover. Our sex life is amazing. But what happened to suitable sized condoms for smaller men? Size isn't the issue here, overcoming slippage is. Where can we find condoms for those who have beautiful small cocks?”

William, 14 September 2009 (Condoms / Lube) Tags: Small guys - loose condoms - slippage

., 22 September 2009

There are differences in the sizes of different brands of condoms - for example I’m pretty sure that Marquis’ smallest condom has less width than Durex’ smallest condom.

SMURFETTE, 29 September 2009

Totally agree with you love, had an ex the same way its not about how big it is its how you use it and i find smaller the guy the longer they can go in some cases but we found it hard to find condoms too

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