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“Ok so I feel like I should post this cos I reckon other people might be in this situation too. I go to sex venues a fair bit, and I go with maybe 4 or 5 guys each time. A few times I've scored a pretty hot guy and he's said he'll only go with me if he can fuck me bareback. I've always said ok cos he was hot and I really wanted him. I always feel bad afterwards. Anyone else in this situation?”

Marcus, 14 September 2009 (Gay, Hooking up) Tags: sex-on-site venues - barebacking

Brit, 15 September 2009

i think if you want to catch hiv and other diseases then you should go ahead with what your doing, however if you would like not too, then wear a condom. there is no excuse, its that simple.

R, 15 September 2009

It doesn’t matter HOW hot someone is - obviously they do this often, who knows what they have picked up along the way and are probably not aware of!  Bad idea mate, wrap it up ALWAYS!

Nath, 16 September 2009

Read this stuff everyday for a week. It’s what needs to pop into your head right when that ‘hot’ guy is asking u to do it raw. It ain’t worth what is a real and high risk

Derek, 17 September 2009

You can get more hot men in your lifetime being safe than this unsafe hot men that wants to fuck you bareback…...

C, 11 October 2009

Um… are people actually that desperate that they need to go to sex clubs or venues or what ever? If you do happen to be there for one reason ro another, you need to use protection because, like “R” said, you don’t know what he’s got, where he’s been or who’s juices he still has. That’s quite rank. Why would you not use condoms with people you don’t know or trust cause guys like that are quite seedy. They don’t car about you or what they give you.

Barry, 18 November 2009

I have made some mistakes/risks in my time when it comes to safe sex,  but going bareback is not one of them.  I have always had the strength and intelligence to say NO, no matter how horny I am.

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