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“When I have sex I love to be submissive and dominated. When it comes to putting a condom on my partner, I find it hard if they arn't willing to do it because it means I have to take control and that upsets the rhythm and what I'm really enjoying. Any tips from other super-sub guys”

Sub guy, 21 September 2009 (Gay) Tags: submissive

SMURFETTE, 29 September 2009

Im streight and a girl so i can kinda help, because im totally the same way i love to be dominated when anybody im screwing discides that they arnt goind to play along with me i tell them in a kind way to do it them selfs like “but its more sexi when you do it” or something like that still in the mood but getting them to do it, its all about stualty

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How we get it on

“when you wank if u spit on ur hand and rub it all over ur balls and dick and then spit on your hand ...”

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