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“OMG, i was walking down the street after some hot, rough bog-sex, and when i turned around to get another look at the guy, i saw he dropped his card, so i went over to pick it up, but as I was bending over, a fart came out, and as I stood back up, i felt this warm, squishy thing in my pants so i rushed back to the toilets, and to my horror it was the dirty condom! GROSS!!!”

Jesse, 24 September 2009 (Hooking up) Tags: condom difficulties - dirty - cruising - fart

#, 24 September 2009


TrainT2, 27 September 2009


Adam P, 27 September 2009

Can i have my card back please? - oh and my condom

., 27 September 2009

hahaha shot!

X, 28 September 2009

Good the condom was there, but seriously…TMI??

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“I think this site is fantastic. It simply blows me away that people can risk so much for so many by ...”

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