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“i was at a party and we wer playing truth and dare it got a little out of hand and all my dares were to have sex with different guys but i did it but the last guy i had sex with didnt want to wear a comdom i made him and afterwards he stayed lying on the grass i got up and i took two steps and the condom fell out and to my suprise it wasnt a comdom at all he had used a bit of gladwrap!!!”

ToMuchToDrink, 29 September 2009 (Straight) Tags: party - gladwrap

Lisa, 29 September 2009

Eep.  Might be a great idea if you’re out getting drunk to make sure you’ve got a buddy to look after you.

bob, 29 September 2009


jess, 29 September 2009

i think that maybe u should stay in control and u can all ways say no!

alice, 29 September 2009

That Sick. Why Would You be Having Sex With Lots Of Guys! EWW!

Lisa, 29 September 2009

Hey Alice, isn’t that a bit unfair? Just because it’s not OK for you, doesn’t mean it’s not OK for other people. Who cares who you have sex with, as long as you use condoms? You have your values, she has hers. Don’t judge.

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How we get it on

“I'm going to buy myself some CHANEL CONDOMS to become a trendy ...”

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: My considered opinion on what will happen in the thick of it series two is that Malcolm and Nicola will #GetItOn!!