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“umm i'm a new zealander and i've never had sex and i don't want to because i'm scared. the first time I tried to put a condom on it wouldn't go on properly then the second one I tried snapped and pinged up and hit me in the eye so uhh...yeah. Also and i'm not attractive whatsoever and everyone say's i'm an annoying jackass so...yeah”

mr.7, 29 September 2009 (My Body) Tags: condom difficulties - virginity

Summer, 29 September 2009

Mr.7 i lyk geeky lookn guys, i bet ya il get dat condom on u nd il fuck u rough and hard anytime
xoxo summer

sami, 29 September 2009

Ur being 2 hard on urself just go easy an get sum1 2 show u how 2 do it, lol xo

SMURFETTE, 29 September 2009

someone somewhere in the world will find you attractive theres that someone out there for eveyone, and it doesnt have to be imbrassing for you get a pack at home read the instructions then try it in the privacy of your own home or the first time you have sex ask your gf to put it on for you. Anyway i get told im not attractive all the time but guys older than the guys at school that tease me think im beautiful. sometime you just need to stop taking what people say to heart.

top_kid, 29 September 2009

well i guess you could always be a bottom if you dont like the idea of a condom on your dick.

Maria, 29 September 2009

try again?

Gonzo the Great, 30 September 2009

Never Try, Never Fail

Marv, 1 October 2009

Try masturbation.  Put a target on your ceiling if you get bored with it.  Hours of fun!!!

Condoman, 9 October 2009


Lolcat, 12 October 2009

IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Hayden, 18 October 2009

try glad wrap. it is easy to apply, just wrap it around a few times. put a rubber band over it and your sorted. [Webmaster: glad wrap is not strong enough and is not likely to be adequate protection during sex]

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