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“Im was 14 nd at a party, meet dis sexc guy me wer getth reali in2 each otha he askd if i had a condom i did bt didnt want 2 wait 3secs wen he put it on so i had sex wthout it in nw 16, have a beautiful baby girl frm dat nyt who dosent hav a dad and im al on my own my mum dosent even want 2 knw me nd has never seen lilly (my daughter)”

Jess, 29 September 2009 (Hooking up) Tags: party - babies

Anna, 30 September 2009

wow . that is really sad . i think the saddest bit is that you are 16 and you don’t have a mother to help you . no offence , but i think that is quite selfish of your mum .

sarah, 30 September 2009

ur amazing

sam, 30 September 2009

Thats sad oi straight up, if something like that happened, i wouldn’t be able to live a day :(

Jessy, 30 September 2009


LOuie, 30 September 2009

hey i think your pretty brave still having that kid in your life. keep going, later on i bet you wont regret having tha baby, alot of children are living and surviving with one parent, so your normal, talk to your mum about it, its her grandchild thats important, dont mind what she thinks about you atm, think about your kid.

comment back if you need more help, im here

DAVE, 30 September 2009

Hope you wrote this guys Name on the Birth Certificate. At least that way the guy will have to contribute financially. Either voluntarily or he will be made to via IRD

C, 30 September 2009

Wow, you’re so amazing for working so hard at such a young age!  Legend!

Hope you have support from somewhere?

Hope people learn from your story though, thanks for sharing.

BABYDADY, 1 October 2009


BOB, 9 October 2009

Waiting 3 seconds isn’t that long last time I checked, maybe a little patience could have stopped under aged & unplanned pregnancies

Tim, 11 October 2009

this is the aftermath of a big mistake you made at a young age

katie, 13 October 2009

really sad that your mum isnt supporting you..whats done is done and she should get over it..

Roger, 24 December 2009

Its really sad (and stupid) you couldn’t wait 3 seconds!  What is wrong with people. No sympathy here

Tabellengitternetz, 12 January 2010


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