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“I'm Bud Fudlacker. I have a small mail order business. I travel with the American Gladiators. I'm 55. I like small appliances, and I do tax accounting on the side. I happen to love transexuals.”

Bud, 29 September 2009 (Trans)

Sandee Crotch, 30 September 2009

Dear Bud. That’s hot. I’d love to get my french knickers and high heels on and we can do some serious number crunching together, xxx Sandee Crotch

Likeasmallcock, 1 October 2009

You have a very small penis imo

d_TEL, 7 January 2010

levitra fkx

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How we get it on

“one day when i was shoving my dick up this guys nose he sneased and it felt really good and my dick ...”

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: RT @cormacrory: People singing in 156 countries at the same time, to draw attention to AIDS in Africa.