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“Serious question. Why bother with sex purely for self gratification? Don't get me wrong, I've been there and done that, but to be honest with you, just have a wank, you know? Sex is awesome with someone you care about. Why cheapen it, and yourself, by "fucking" someone you don't... Just a thought.”

Nick, 1 October 2009 (Straight) Tags:

Claire-, 1 October 2009

Absolutley! Just so you can have a story to tell everyone at the pub on sat night!

Michael, 13 October 2009

Totally agree.  Sex should be special, and shared with someone worthwhile - in fact, if we all limited ourselves to sex with people we actually care about (or at least with people whose names we know) then this site probably wouldn’t exist…......

RHYS, 15 October 2009

i disagree. i have sex because its great. better after 2 bottles of wine. sometimes i have sex with inanimate objects.

Andrew, 20 October 2009

You are sooo right. I find this mostly happens to me at on site sex venues, men only want you for that 20 minutes (if your lucky ) then its good bye . How many times have you laid there and thought ahhh just hurry up or even worse done your shopping list… But the trusty wank will see you through everytime   haha

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“This site is useless, Ive requested condom 4 times and never got ...”

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: Getting stuff set up for tomorrow's Get it On! Big Gay Out. So excited!