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  • Albert Park will never be the same.

    As with many virginity stories, this one begins with a drink (I lied, many drinks.) I was at a concert in town, High Street to be exact, with my girlfriend at the time as well as some mates. Now let me tell you about this girl, she was essentially the town bicycle. Everyone who hadn’t fucked her

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  • First time fucked - Lesson learned

    I’m not sure what most people consider to be ‘losing your virginity’ as I’d done a lot of things over the period of several years in my teens.

    This story is about the first time I let a guy fuck me.

    Here I was in a public toilet in a random park, I was eighteen, in the closet, young and very

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  • Kinda just happened

    I had just turned 16 when I lost my virginity. My parents had gone away and left me to housesit for the first time, so I had plenty of time to be alone with my girlfriend, though I never planned for it to happen.

    She came over one evening, and we watched a movie and played some games. We ended up

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  • New Years Adventure

    On new years night my girlfriend and I had been drinking and partying with mates on the beach, after the count down was over and people started to walk back to their batches, I walked my girlfriend back to her batch for 2am to check in with her mates parents and stay in for the rest of the

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  • Lost it to the couch

    My first time was in high school. When the moment came to finally get it on, I laid her down on the couch, climbed on, and slowly slid in. After a few seconds I felt an uncomfortable friction, which I was afraid to mention. Another 10 seconds and the friction was becoming painful. I remember

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  • Cherry Popping 101

    As someone who has predominantly been a top during my sexual career I’m sometimes approached by men of all ages who want to try anal for the first time.  I include the phrase “good with beginners” in my dating profile to show I have the patience and skill to make the big event as pleasurable as

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  • My brother’s friend

    I am a 17 year old girl, i am attractive and get a lot of attention from the boys at my high school. I was always raised to wait till marriage but for sum reason the news that my favourite actress Jamie Lynn Spears, who is a year younger then me, is having sex with a older guy made me feel like it

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  • I’ll never tell her.

    I was 16, and my girlfriend and I planned on having sex–my first time, not hers–at a party where we were guaranteed a room to stay the night. I showed up to find my girlfriend pissed drunk. I was bummed, but I was so eager to lose my virginity that we had sex anyway. She passed out and I went back

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  • Dark & Dirty

    Growing up in Invercargill, the options are limited. All I knew is that I wanted cock but had little idea where to find it and didn’t really like myself for it either. It wasn’t until I was 20 and still well and truly hungry for it that I overheard a conversation about untoward activities taking

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